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Green Balkan Workation

11-18 September 2022 / Gabrovo countryside

Why joining us?

Bring your home-office close to nature for an unforgettable week

Image by Shane Rounce
Meet like-minded people
Enjoy a stimulating work environment
Image by Dylan Gillis
Exchange ideas, learn new skills
Bike and brew_Gabrovo.jpeg
Spend a week full of adventures


Image by Dimitry Anikin

Welcome to Gabrovo countryside

Disconnect from the stress of the city, Connect with nature!

The Region...
is one of the most distinguished crafts centers in our country during the 18th and 19th, which we can still witness today in its museums and picturesque villages. It is equally rich when it comes to nature, given its privileged location on the northern slopes of Stara Planina.

The Village...
is one of those places that are hard to locate on the map, but once you visit, you can't forget. 
The road ends here and that's where your memorable experience begins…


You'll stay in a cozy work-friendly villa, specially built to host remote workers, looking for a relaxed, productive and friendly environment.

What can you expect?

A week of productivity and relaxation... well as plenty of activities and workshops.

A typical day will look like:

Join us on 11-18 September 2022


Book before

31st July
   440 eur / 860 lev   

Book after

1st August
   465 eur / 910 lev   
What's included:
  • 7 nights Accommodation (in a double/ twin room) (single rooms on request)

  • 7 delicious breakfasts (in the villa)

  • 5 home-made lunches (in the villa)

  • 5 home-made dinners (in the villа)

  • Full-day tour around some of region's cultural and natural wonders (Sat 17th)

  • Activities & workshops provided & organized by Nomad Balkans team

  • Evening fun sessions and thematic nights (karaoke, gastronomy, game...)

  • Lots of funa and many surprises

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Join us for a memorable Workation in the Balkan

Thanks for your interest! We'll contact you soon.

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