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Our Story

How it all began and where is leading us to.

Countryside Road

Our Journey

Born and raised in Bulgaria, from a very young age, we have been passionate about Travel, foreign languages and different cultures, dreaming of travelling the world.

Back in the early and late 2000's, driven by different circumstances and goals, both of us moved to Spain to turn this dream into a reality and began studying Tourism Management.

Each of us found a different way through afterwards. Vessy specialized in the tour guiding field by creating her own Travel Agency in Barcelona, while Plamen collected experience in different fields and by living in various countries, before starting his entrepreneurial journey and returning back to Bulgaria.

After many years abroad, we decided that time has come to implement all that we've learnt in a new exciting project, back in our home country. This is how Nomad Balkans was born.

We believe travelling is an important part of our lives, bringing us more energy, more creativity, more motivation… more of everything! 

Travelling is a reflection of the way of living. Moreover, it can also inspire you to live with more mindfulness and to create more sustainable actions in your daily life.


Travelling is also educational. It opens our minds for different cultures, it gives us new perspectives of life and teaches us important lessons, which we later bring back home with us.

Our mission is to create authentic, unique and sustainable travel experiences for everyone. By this way we feel we are contributing to a bigger and more meaningful change in people's lives and in the preservation of the world's diversity.


Our Purpose

Our Values


We are environmentally friendly, socially & cuturally respectful, economically equitable


We bring you off the beaten path, so you can get to feel and do as locals do


We foster a culture of diversity and inclusion and welcome people from all around the world


We envision a world where people do what they love from the place they want

Meet the Team

Plamen Ivanov profile informal close_edi


Entrepreneur by spirit, Traveller by heart, Passionate about working with purpose

"For me Travel is a way to connect with nature, people and with my better self"



Travel connoisseur, Passionate about meaningful Experiences & Sustainable living

"I am passionate about travel and

I believe it can be a very transformative experience for everyone"

We build Partnerships with Travel and Remote Work related companies

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Tour Providers

Transport companies

Local Services...

Remote Work Facilitators

Training Masters


Tech Rentals


Travel Intermediaries

Travel Agencies

Biz Travel Managers

Event Organizers

Travel Portals

Remote Work Mediators

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Remote Work Hubs

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