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Our Workations

The Remote Working Experience brought to the next level

Work From Home

Looks like work, tastes like Vacation

Escape the routine of working from home

Discover some new exciting places

Get creative, find inspiration, learn

Who is this for?

At the Office

Our Workations are suitable for:



Remote Workers

Travelling solo, with a couple, family or friends

Friends and Donuts

Why would you need a workation?

What will you get in a Workation in Bulgaria?

Image by Justin Kauffman
Hand-picked work-friendly
Places to Stay

We personally inspect all accommodations, making sure they are:

  • Offering comfortable, remote-work friendly environment

  • Supplied with fast and reliable WiFi connection 

  • Proviging all necessary amenities for a long-term stay

  • Handed by dedicated hosts 

  • Following sustainable practices
  • Located in a nice area, rich of activities to do and places to go

Travel Blog
Travel App

All your trip details, travel guide, tips and special info quickly accessible with just one click of a button in your personalized page in an app, while you are at your accommodation or on the go, online or offline.

Image by Brett Jordan
Our Support
from end to end

Our team is at your disposal from the day you start planning your workation, until the day you return. Ask us anything. We are here to help you choose the best experience for you and turn it into an unforgettable memory. 

All you need to Stay Connected

Remote places allow you to disconnect from the daily stress. We will make sure you´ll stay connected for what matters. Need a pocket wifi, a local SIM card, any tech equipment to rent? We´ve got you covered.

Image by Markus Spiske
Transport Assistance

Travelling to less known destinations, specially abroad, often comes with challenges. We will advise you of the easiest way to get from A to B, while support you if you need an airport transfer, car rental or public transport info.

Image by Kelsey Knight
Experiences to 
enrich your stay

Travelling to a new place is, after all, about discovering. We will make sure you make the most of your stay see what your destination has to offer through the eyes and guidance of the locals.

Compass & Map
Local Guide
and Tips

We will provide you a handy guide, so for you to be able to explore your place as a local. You will also find valuable tips, such as where to get your groceries, where to find the nearest gym, hairdresser, etc.

Looking for a memorable Workation?

and we will prepare a custom-made proposal 

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