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Work & Team Retreats

Strengthen your team spirit and bring your company culture to the next level

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More than just a team-building experience

Live together​

Build bonds with your team by connecting in a true manner

Learn Together

Acquire new skills, get through challenges, learn from each other

Have fun together

Enjoy exploring a new environment, bring your team spirit to new fields

Who is this for?


Our Team Offsites are suitable for Companies / Teams with:

Remote / Distributed workforce

Remote-first / Hybrid work environment

Staff based in different locations

and any company willing to build up team bonding, company culture and talent retention

Staff Meeting

Why a Work Retreat for your Team?

There is only so much that can be done when working only remotely...

Not being able to unplug

Difficulties with communication

Loneliness and Isolation

Distractions at home

Staying motivated

Different team time zones

Study by Buffer: "The 2021 State of Remote Work" 

Environment to reduce stress, develop healthy habits and team harmony

Dynamics to  communicate effectively, build empathy and soft skills 

Safe space to build strong connections & friendships across teams

Atmosphere to get more done in less time, improving focus and productivity

Context to strengthen company culture, increase loyalty & talent retention

Opportunity to work on issues that only face-to-face interactions can solve 

We help you tackle these issues by facilitating bringing the team together and providing:

Biggest struggles of working remotely:

What will you get in our Retreats?

We can also arrange for you:

Want to bring your team together to an inspiring location?

and we will design an epic Team Retreat experience here in the Balkans

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