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Remote Work and Travel in the future ahead

Last year 2020 our lives were turned upside down. Covid-19 changed completely the way we work. This trend is not new - the process of shifting towards Remote Work had already begun in the last couple of decades, but what the pandemic did was to accelerate it and bring it to the masses and there is no way back.

At Nomad Balkans, we have been long time advocates of remote working, given the freedom that this offers to live and work from anywhere. As Travel professionals ourselves, when the pandemic hit, we knew that the travel industry was going to be radically changed and not just for the few years to come.

We reached a point where mass tourism had turned travel into a mediocre endeavor of ticking as many boxes as possible instead of truly discovering the destinations visited. In spite of the difficult moments that the Travel Industry has been facing for the last 20 months, there are also some silver linings.

We believe that this is also an opportunity for rebuilding our sector and offer more sustainable and meaningful travel experiences.

The Remote Work revolution is opening up a whole new horizon for the travel industry. Being location independent makes people far more flexible in how they spend their days, where they work from and when they take holidays.

If you have the freedom to work from anywhere, why waiting for a good time to take holidays so to go to the place you want?

Having the flexibility to work remotely gives us the opportunity to go to this dreamed destination anytime we want, spend there more time and truly enjoy it by living as a local. There are so many benefits of travelling off season. It is not just more affordable, but also easier to find better accommodation, more options to do interesting activities and it is more welcoming since we will find less crowds anywhere we go.

This way of travel is not just better for us as travelers, but also better for the destinations we visit. It is far better to welcome visitors across all seasons, rather than having them concentrated only throughout the summer months. Furthermore, from environmental point of view, travelling with the aim of staying longer in a given place creates far less impact than conventional travel.

What is even a bigger driver for us for advocating for this type of travel, is the positive social and cultural impact in the destination.

Staying in a place for longer periods of time – facilitated by the possibility to work from it remotely – gives us the chance to truly immerse ourselves into the local way of life and to get to know local people. It is this type of cultural exchanges that can give an authentic flavor to our travel experience, while being also enriching to the locals, too.

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It is precisely in the cross-section of these two concepts, which we are passionate about – Remote Work and a more sustainable and meaningful Travel – that we gave birth to Nomad Balkans.

We are committed to bringing to you attractive, inspiring locations in Bulgaria (and rest of the Balkan Peninsula), that bring into one place a great mixture of work and fun environment. Whether you want to travel alone, with your couple, family or friends or if you want to bring together your company or team, there are plenty of options to choose from.

The Nomad Balkans adventure has already begun and we will be very happy to make you part of it....


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